If you are a property owner or business owner what should one of your main goals be? To protect your investment, products, employees and building itself.

We all can’t work 24/7 365 and we also can’t be everywhere at one time. So how do you ensure that everything stays safe?

Security cameras.

Security cameras have come a long way from the grainy, black and white videos that could only be shown from a viewing room monitored by a security team or other professionals.

Now, you can watch your protected business or building right on a mobile device, like a smartphone and even get alerted to unusual movement at hours when there shouldn’t be. This is all thanks to cloud-based technology which allows you to access your security camera program from anywhere, anytime, 24/7 – 365.

But how do you know which camera to use? Do you need an indoor camera for hallways and special rooms? An outdoor camera for doorways? It can be difficult to choose. But that’s where we come in.

Here at ROI Technology Solutions we offer a wide range of security cameras to fit your exact needs.

So let’s discuss the differences between our Cloud Security Vs. Premise Security Cameras so that you can better understand which camera or cameras would be best suited for your needs!

TYCO Cloudvue

The suite of TYCO Cloudvue cameras makes it easy for anyone to start monitoring and protecting their spaces.

These cameras and the program they run on are “plug and play” ready and simple to install.

The best part? No need for a room full of monitors! You can watch your cameras right on your mobile device or computer.

The cameras available are all interconnected which means you can start with one and add an unlimited amount of cameras throughout your site.

Whether you need cameras above your server room doors, outside an office, in the parking lot, above a checkout lane or on a construction site, you can guarantee that TYCO has a camera ready to survey the area.

The main goals of this intelligent and advanced system is to:

  • Allow for centralized security management with the cloud
  • Give you faster results when searching for a specific event (lost item, finding out who left the building last, etc)
  • Allow you to scale and add unlimited cameras
  • Reduce costs – saving you between 20%-30% on average when switched from on-premise security to cloud camera surveillance


This brand of security cameras is designed for long-lasting use. Created in Germany, these cameras are engineered to weather any storm using only the highest quality parts and design.

Available for outdoor use the Mobotix cameras help you to identify the events you should be looking at as opposed to anything that triggers the motion sensor.

You’ll be able to save time and pinpoint moments that you need to see.

The cameras have hemispheric lenses so you can view a large area with just one camera and have two way audio so you can speak and listen.

These are great cameras for those who monitor parking lots, garages, entrances and exits to buildings, loading docks and more.

IDIS Cameras

These advanced and intelligent cameras make you feel like you’re in a spy movie to say the least.

As the world-leading digital surveillance solution provider IDIS has a fish-eye camera that we believe suits our clients needs.

This camera has it all and if you have the need to secure the interior of your building or business, this camera has what you need.

Features of the IDIS Fish-Eye security camera include:

  • 12mp camera lens
  • 4k recording
  • Tamper proof and vandal-resistant cover
  • Day and night camera focus
  • Motion detection
  • Heat mapping
  • Various viewing modes for easy watching
  • Active tampering alarm and trip zone

You’ll have peace of mind that your products, assets, employees or tenants are safe when you have these cameras monitoring your site.


If you’re in the market for advanced, clear, and full-color security monitoring, the Color247 is your camera.

Full color videos help you easily identify a person, place or thing whether it’s nighttime, low light or at a distance.

Offered for indoor or outdoor use, you can count on these cameras to show you crisp, clear videos even in the rain or snow or a dust bowl!

Because of the intelligent programming the camera is automatically zeroed in on people and vehicles to ensure you get the shot you need in case of an incident.

Microphone and 2-way audio are optional as well as alarm interfaces.

How To Choose Between Cloud Vs. Premise Security Cameras

If you’re trying to decide between the Cloud vs. Premise security cameras, allow our team at ROI to help.

We will discuss your needs for surveillance and security as well as the type of building, and business you run.

From there we will be able to assist you in choosing the best cameras for your needs and budget.

We do everything from surveillance assessment to install and support.

To learn more about our business and how we take your safety seriously, schedule a free consultation!