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MOBOTIX Security Cameras

Mobotix Security Cameras alleviate negative surveillance system factors including low image quality, poor low light visibility, outdated DVR technology, false alarms and wasted storage, moving part failures (pan, tilt, zoom), and frequent breakdowns. When you decide on a security camera solution, be sure to choose a surveillance system that addresses these problems or you will end up paying for service calls or new equipment sooner than you think.

mobotix security cameras

At ROi Technology Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering Mobotix security cameras with iP and IoT technology features, bar none the best products on the market. Mobotix security cameras are engineered and manufactured in Germany to very high build standards. Their future-proof design is based on a platform with no moving parts for pan, tilt, and zoom as well as only the highest quality electrical components and lenses. Keep reading if you want to know why MOBOTIX security cameras are the best surveillance solution available.

MOBOTIX Security Camera Overview

  • Activity Sensor – Next Gen Motion Detection
  • Hemispheric Lenses – Cover large areas with one camera
  • Day (color) and Night (B&W) lenses available in variety of angles of coverage
  • Long-pass lens filters for easy License Plate Recognition (LPR)
  • In-Camera DVR Processing – Central computer not required; Reduce bandwidth usage
  • In-Camera SD Card Storage up to 200 Gigs or any sized Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • In-Camera microphones and speakerphones for two-way audio
  • Moonlight Technology – Extreme low light imaging plus infrared
  • MxPeg Video Codec developed by MOBOTIX (superior to H.264 technology)
  • Remotely accessible via any internet connected device
  • Event alerts sent via email, text, or phone call to you or monitoring service
  • Designed and Manufactured in Germany – 9 Year Mean Time Before Failure
  • Thermal Sensors – Pitch-dark, long-range security and industrial equipment monitoring
  • Free camera management software for life – No license fees, ever.

IoT and iP Technology Inside Mobotix Security Cameras

With the Internet of Things (IoT) taking shape around the globe, gone are the days of a security camera system that only captures footage and offers no proactive measures to reduce theft or vandalism. With intelligent iP camera technology from MOBOTIX, if an intruder crosses your set boundaries you can be alerted via text, email, or phone call from your camera and be provided immediate viewing ability! Not only that, the cameras can activate additional lighting and sirens while notifying your monitoring company. iP and IoT technology is the way of the future so don’t get left behind with a dated analog security camera solution.

Yes, the desktop DVR box you just bought yesterday is already outdated and has been for years! One of the hardest concepts to grasp about the benefit of Mobotix cameras is that all processing is done in the camera. This means footage does not have to be constantly streamed from each of your cameras to a centralized DVR to be processed. This allows your internet and network to remain fast without being bogged down by constant streaming video from multiple cameras. Read this to your IT manager, we are betting they will love this aspect!

MOBOTIX Security Camera Activity Sensor

mobotix activity sensor

Motion detection with most security camera systems will create excessive false alarms which leads to wasted storage space and causing you to have to sift through substantially more footage when looking for a particular event. With MOBOTIX Activity Sensor, you can be sure to capture only what is important.

MOBOTIX Hemispheric Security Camera Lenses

MOBOTIX was the first to market with hemispheric lenses that provide a 360 degree view with just one camera when mounted on the ceiling. You can also place these on a wall for a full 180 degree side to side view. This allows you to cover more area with less cameras which saves you money in the long run!

Mobotix Security Camera Lenses for any Distance

mobotix security camera lenses

Due to the focus on quality, durability and usability, the MOBOTIX technical concept offers a big advantage in that most of the cameras have interchangeable lenses for varying distnaces. This is done cost-effectively and with low effort. Camera locations can be changed and the optics can easily be swapped out to fulfill the needs of a new viewing location. Depending on the lens used, the area covered by the camera changes. Using a Super Wide Angle lens for example, an entire room can be monitored from a corner. A tele lens captures an identifiable image of a number plate or a person.

mobotix security camera lenses dallas

ROi Technology Solutions will help select the lens to best suit your needs.

Mobotix Security Cameras | Day and Night Image Sensors

Day (color) and Night (B&W) sensors available in every angle shown above depending on selected camera. The Day sensor performs exceptionally well in low-light and even has the option of switching to black and white when available light drops below a specified threshold.

MOBOTIX moonlight low light security camerasAll new 6 megapixel Mobotix security cameras come standard with the new Moonlight Low-Light image processing built-in.

Functions Under Extreme Temperatures

mobotix security cameras weatherproof dallas fort worth

Mobotix M25 security camera operating smoothly at -45°F.

MOBOTIX Security Camera - Dallas

Mobotix cameras are installed in high altitude locations on Mount Everest to observe the snow caps. The first Mobotix camera is installed in freezing conditions on a mountain top and functions perfectly even after nearly 15 years!

Not only can MOBOTIX security cameras operate in freezing and desert conditions, they can also show you the surface temperature of any object in its view if you opt for a Mobotix thermal camera.

Mobotix Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras from Mobotix have a thermal resolution range of  capable of detecting temperatures between -22° F and 1022° F and are weatherproof between -22° F and 140°F. The thermal radiometry sensors are available in 3 lens types for varying degrees of image size/effective distance.

Cost Effective Perimeter Surveillance using Thermal

Ranches, farms, auto dealerships, oil rigs, construction sites and other large sites are privy to night time agitators. Whether it be wolves eating livestock or thieves stealing equipment, a long-range perimeter security solution will reduce these agitations drastically.

Cost Effective Industrial Preventative Maintenance using Thermal Radiometry

Position a Mobotix thermal radiometry sensor over expensive, heat sensitive equipment to monitor heat created by internal and external wear. Internal wear will go unnoticed to our eyes but an intelligent thermal sensor will call, text or email you when it notices equipment getting hotter than the temperature threshold you set. The in-camera iP technology is also capable of shutting down the equipment for you.

One Mobotix thermal camera  can literally save tens if not hundreds of thousands dollars by preventing one breakdown or fire.

mobotix thermal security cameras dallas forth worth texas

mobotix thermal cameras

Find out more about MOBOTIX Thermal Cameras!

License Plate Recognition using Long Pass Lens Filter

Long Pass Filter Captures License Tags

We are certified

ROI Technology Solutions is a certified Mobotix security camera Installer/Partner offering turnkey installs that include cabling, installation, programming and fine tuning of camera settings over time.

We handle all warranties

A defective Mobotix product is extremely rare due to the high build quality and the fact that they test every single camera in extreme conditions before shipping. Should anything happen, you will only need to call ROI to handle the entire process of swapping the cameras. We are the only number you will need.

We offer free help desk support via phone and email

Have a question about your install or configuration? We are happy to help. All ROI customers receive unlimited help desk support. Be careful buying from online retailers that simply ship you the product as we guarantee their support will not be able to match ours. Also, some online retailers will lie about being an authorized dealers which will automatically void your warranty.


We have your back, plain and simple. These security cameras have advanced features that not all end-users would like to have to learn the ins and outs of. You should not need to know everything about iP and IoT technology to enjoy the benefits. Security cameras are supposed to provide peace of mind, do not just buy a small piece of mind, buy the whole thing from ROI Technology Solutions.

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  • Mobotix interfaces with other controllable IP devices. Do any of these sound interesting for your location?