MOBOTIX Security Cameras

Mobotix Security Cameras alleviate negative surveillance system factors including low image quality, poor low light visibility, outdated DVR technology, false alarms and wasted storage, moving part failures (pan, tilt, zoom), and frequent breakdowns. When you decide on a security camera solution, be sure to choose a surveillance system that addresses these problems or you will end up paying for service calls or new equipment sooner than you think.

mobotix security cameras

At ROi Technology Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering Mobotix security cameras with iP and IoT technology features, bar none the best products on the market. Mobotix security cameras are engineered and manufactured in Germany to very high build standards. Their future-proof design is based on a platform with no moving parts for pan, tilt, and zoom as well as only the highest quality electrical components and lenses. Keep reading if you want to know why MOBOTIX security cameras are the best surveillance solution available.

MOBOTIX Security Camera Overview

  • Activity Sensor – Next Gen Motion Detection
  • Hemispheric Lenses – Cover large areas with one camera
  • Day (color) and Night (B&W) lenses available in variety of angles of coverage
  • Long-pass lens filters for easy License Plate Recognition (LPR)
  • In-Camera DVR Processing – Central computer not required; Reduce bandwidth usage
  • In-Camera SD Card Storage up to 200 Gigs or any sized Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • In-Camera microphones and speakerphones for two-way audio
  • Moonlight Technology – Extreme low light imaging plus infrared
  • MxPeg Video Codec developed by MOBOTIX (superior to H.264 technology)
  • Remotely accessible via any internet connected device
  • Event alerts sent via email, text, or phone call to you or monitoring service
  • Designed and Manufactured in Germany – 9 Year Mean Time Before Failure
  • Thermal Sensors – Pitch-dark, long-range security and industrial equipment monitoring
  • Free camera management software for life – No license fees, ever.

We are certified

ROI Technology Solutions is a certified Mobotix security camera Installer/Partner offering turnkey installs that include cabling, installation, programming and fine tuning of camera settings over time.

We handle all warranties

A defective Mobotix product is extremely rare due to the high build quality and the fact that they test every single camera in extreme conditions before shipping. Should anything happen, you will only need to call ROI to handle the entire process of swapping the cameras. We are the only number you will need.

We offer free help desk support via phone and email

Have a question about your install or configuration? We are happy to help. All ROI customers receive unlimited help desk support. Be careful buying from online retailers that simply ship you the product as we guarantee their support will not be able to match ours. Also, some online retailers will lie about being an authorized dealers which will automatically void your warranty.


We have your back, plain and simple. These security cameras have advanced features that not all end-users would like to have to learn the ins and outs of. You should not need to know everything about iP and IoT technology to enjoy the benefits. Security cameras are supposed to provide peace of mind, do not just buy a small piece of mind, buy the whole thing from ROI Technology Solutions.

Questions about the Mobotix Security Cameras?

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  • Mobotix interfaces with other controllable IP devices. Do any of these sound interesting for your location?