Mobotix D25 Security Camera Overview

mobotix d25 security camera

The Mobotix D25 security camera is decentralized and does not require a centralized DVR or computer to function. It can work under any iP DVR but we would never recommend that. Mobotix cameras each have an in-camera DVR and processor which makes the camera an entire security system in itself.
mobotix d25 security camera

iP and IoT Connectivity

The Mobotix D25 security camera is designed from the ground up to be a smart iP device that is future-proof and ready for IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity. This connectivity allows the camera to turn on flood lights, sound an outdoor alarm, lock your doors, and notify the police all in 1 second in response to triggered motion detection. Another popular option is the ‘panic’ button you can keep in your pocket or around your neck. These are great to keep around the home, with store managers in the event of robbery/fire, or for the elderly. Program the camera to call, text, or email anyone instantly in the event of a trespass or trigger.

In-Camera Storage and DVR – Decentralized

Mobotix D25 security cameras have an in-camera SD-card and processing chip handles all storage, video processing, detection and alarm functions in order to lighten the load your video security data places on the network. This is especially useful since this camera has 2 lenses creating image data. Think of each camera having its very own DVR and management software built-in. This one-step recording process ensures better image quality, faster response, and less network resources. Each camera comes with a 4 gigabyte SD card but you may upgrade to any size up to 200 gigabytes.

The D25 like all other Mobotix cameras can also simultaneously record to Network Attached Storage of any size or a centralized DVR if you still wanted to use one. Just remember that with Mobotix cameras, the need for a centralized DVR is gone! All recording, motion detection, and triggering is done in-camera.

Interchangeable Lenses

This single dome security camera houses on lens in a variety of formats depending on the type of lenses you choose. The Mobotix D25 security camera lens options include 103°, 90°, 60°, 45°, 31°, 15° and 8°. Every angle is available in either a color version for day-time or areas with available light or a night version for environments with low moon light.

Next-Gen Low Light | Mobotix Moonlight Technology

The German engineered image sensors are over-sized in order to capture more light and detail which is especially useful for low light conditions. For moving objects you need short instead of long exposure times in combination with a high quality lens and image sensor. Mobotix delivers all of this and more.
mobotix security camera low light

This illustrates how the latest 6 MP sensors from MOBOTIX can capture movement in low light without blurring. This is a 0.5 lux environment which is the same as a dark night with only the moon to light the area.

MxActivity Sensor | Motion Detection 2.0

False alarms and wasted storage are a thing of the past with the MxActivity Sensor object and motion detection feature that comes built-in to every Mobotix security camera. MxActivity Sensor detects object movement and direction while ignoring small changes like leaves blowing, rain drops hitting the ground or rain water on lenses. No more getting false alerts on your phone or going through hours of leaves blowing in the wind.

IP65 Weatherproof Build Quality

The Mobotix build platform is based on having no moving parts for pan, tilt, or zoom in order to give the cameras the longest life-time, an average of 9 years before failure. The no moving parts aspect is also what allows Mobotix cameras to function flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -40°F and +140°F.

Fun Fact: Every single Mobotix camera is tested for 4 hours at -40°F and +140°F in order to ensure quality. Most camera companies test a small sample of their products to save time and money.

H264 and H265 are Hollywood Codecs

The H264 and H265 codecs inherently create motion blur because the codecs were made to display fluid Hollywood movies at 30 frames per second. What happens when you try to go frame by frame to get the perfect surveillance image using a motion image codec? Motion blur. Mobotix solved this problem by creating their own video codec designed from the ground up specifically for frame by frame surveillance.

Mobotix MxPeg Video Codec

The Mobotix MxPeg video codec is superior to H264 and H265 in that it does not average out image detail in order to reduce bandwidth for smooth streaming. The MxPeg codec saves every single frame in full detail so that you can scrub frame-by-frame without motion blurring.

Think of H264 and H265 as a fuzzy memory, and MxPeg as a photographic memory.

Mobotix MxAnalytics – Behavior Tracking

mobotix security camera analytics

Hemispheric security cameras from MOBOTIX also have built-in analytics that can count people and track movements over time.

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