mobotix v25 security camera

The new Mobotix v25 security camera offers a level of technology and reliability not previously found in surveillance systems. Its discrete design is inconspicuous enough for indoor installation in art museums and hospitals, but its sturdy construction can also withstand use in more challenging installations, like prisons and schools.

mobotix v25 security camera features

Mobotix V25 Security Camera | Wide Angle Views

The v25 can come equipped with a 103-degree hemispheric lens. This offers an ultra wide viewing range of an entire room without any blind spots. Employing this technology means a single camera can cover an a larger area, simplifying the surveillance system and reducing costs. Other lenses available for the V25 include a 90, 60, 45, 31, and 15 degree angle lenses for viewing at different distances. An ROI specialist will help you decide which lens best suits your camera location.

mobotix v25 security camera mall

Vandalism Proof

With a stainless steel protection ring and a reinforced dome cover, the v25 is secure from vandals who might try to knock out the camera. The fiberglass-reinforced outer housing is so durable, it can be pounded against the floor without cracking. If the camera is hit, its shock detection feature generate an alarm when the unit is pushed and automatically sends a notification if a failure is detected. The single-unit design includes no moving parts, making the camera less vulnerable to damage, while simultaneously reducing maintenance.

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Next-Gen Motion Detection

The MxActivitySensor is configured to only record video or trigger an alarm when there is actually an important event. This is accomplished by analyzing the heat signatures of moving objects. Interference from shadows are consistently ignored, reducing the number of false alarms by 90 percent. This feature reduces recording time, saving storage space. When events do occur, alarm notifications can be sent via email, FTP or VoIP.

mobotix security camera activity sensor

New Low-Light Technology

The included Mobotix 6 megapixel Moonlight sensor technology is the new standard for light sensitivity. It produces high-quality video images, especially in low-light situations where other cameras may produce useless images. This is achieved by using the highest quality lenses managed by software and hardware all configured to the camera’s exposure settings to produce the clearest, most visible image possible with the available light.

MOBOTIX moonlight low light security cameras texas laredo dallas houston

Mobotix V25 Security Camera | A Complete System

The v25 provides a complete stand-alone surveillance system which includes event recording, alarming, and video analysis functions like heat mapping and statistics. The MxAnalytics functions of heat mapping and people statistics are built into the camera itself, eliminating the need for an extra PC and associated bandwidth traffic. This provides one-step recording within the camera itself. This allows for a range of fail-safe storage options: SD card, computer, drive or cloud on virtually any network or platform. Most cameras employ a two-step recording process that requires the camera to send the footage to an external computer first where the video images are processed before being saved to the hard drive.

mobotix security camera analytics

MOBOTIX security cameras have built-in analytics that can count people and track movements over time.


Mobotix security cameras unique design features add not only improved functionality, but also reduce costs. The full view lens reduces the number of cameras need to cover an area. The lack of moving parts makes the unit more durable, but also eliminates the opportunity for moving components to wear out, thus reducing maintenance expenses. With power consumption at 4 watts, it ranks as the most energy-efficient IP camera on the market. Software updates are included with the camera free of charge – as Mobotix’s technology improves, the v25 improves as well.

A two-way audio communication package is available as an option.

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