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Can all this technology be tied together over an IP network?

Can most support be provided without sending a tech onsite?

As an ROi customer, do we get free telephone support?

I’ve heard people have had voice quality issues with VoIP. Is that true?
Yes and no. Those who are voice traversing the public Internet with no Quality of Service (QoS) may experience problems. Those with premise-based solutions experience fewer of these challenges since they mostly interface directly with the public switch telephone network without traversing the public Internet.

Why should I own an IP phone system when I can just get it in the cloud?
Cloud VoIP solutions are rentals; you pay rental fees ad infinitum. Those costs can really add up over time with nothing to show for it. Premise-based solutions are mostly software-based systems, so obsolesce is a minimal factor when buying an onsite system.

Does it matter which carrier we are using for voice and Internet to implement a VoIP solution in our company?
No. All our solutions work with the various voice and data carriers. We are carrier agnostic.

Who does RNS use for proactive remote network management and exactly how does that work?
ROI uses LabTech, the leading supplier of cloud-based network management tools, as their remote network management software. A LabTech agent is loaded onto PCs and servers that monitors the device for system performance and patch updates made available by various software suppliers. Updates are then scheduled at off-hours.

Does the LabTech remote agent also include virus protection?
Yes. Virus software from Viper is used in conjunction with the LabTech agent to provide device virus protection.

Can we just buy a block of time and user IT services on an as-needed basis?
Yes. That is exactly how it is supposed to work. The customer pays in advance for services, then uses them on an as-needed basis. There is no timeline restriction on the use of the block. ROi Network Services can do it all under one umbrella.

Why should I spend more for a MOBOTIX solution instead of just buying cameras at Costco?
First, you want them to last, don’t you? MOBOTIX has a Mean Time Between Failures of 9 years, so you won’t be buying a newer solution for several years. Secondly, MOBOTIX image quality is unsurpassed. What good is a security camera if the image is grainy or fuzzy?

Why do I need fewer cameras with MOBOTIX as compared to other solutions?
MOBOTIX offers panoramic lens that provide 180˚ and 360˚ coverage from one camera, therefore one camera covers a large area. Combine that with the 5 megapixel lens for high image quality, and MOBITIX is hard to beat.

What other factors should I consider when purchasing an IP Surveillance solution?
Cabling is definitely a factor as the cameras need a network connection unless a wireless access point is used. Power availability is another consideration. Is power available near the device or via the network infrastructure switches (PoE)?

Can I get a free assessment of my current website?

Can I get a free consultation and quote to upgrade my website?

Can SEO really work for my company?
Yes! However, depending on the industry and type of products offered, some SEO campaigns are more challenging than others. There are always ways to bring traffic to a website, and CI Web Group has the experience and the skills to craft that solution.