IP Phone Systems

ROI represents two outstanding lines of –premise-based VoIP phone systems: Zultys and Epygi. Both vendors work with multiple IP phones that include Polycom, Cisco, Grandstream, Yealink and Snom, to name only a few. From sleek desktop Polycom IP phones to Color Screen IP phones from Grandstream, ROi has the model to fit your phone system needs.

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ip phone systems

Cloud PBX

The Zultys products can also be purchased in cloud version. While most Cloud PBX providers primarily offer a phone-centric solution, Zultys gives the end user a much more feature-rich experience with their desktop software, MXIE. Customers can even pay a monthly rental for phone services.

Zultys CLOUD services

IP Phones

From sleek desktop phones to color screen IP phones, ROI offers a wide range of phone products to meet any customer’s needs.

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desktop phones

MXIE Software

Zultys computer-based client software enhances the customer’s phone experience by offering a myriad of feature functions. Each supports the user in their day-to-day job by enhancing productivity and better communication with staff and customers. Features include:

  • Private instant message
  • Presence
  • Click-to-Call (speed dial)
  • On-the-fly conferencing
  • Call recording on-demand
  • Call logs
  • Outlook integration with Click-to-Call
  • Voicemail to email
  • Fax to and from desktop
  • Softphone

ZULTYS Innovate Communicate Collabgrate

Call Centers

Zultys offers a robust suite of call center features that make even small call centers look big. Those features include:

  • Queuing
  • Wait times
  • Position in queue
  • Agent call recording
  • Presence
  • Custom reporting
  • Supervisor:
    • Listen in
    • Barge in
    • Whisper
    • Agent log-in/log-out
    • Call recording


Voice & Internet Service

ROI has agreements with Master Agents to offer voice and Internet services anywhere in the United States. From high-speed fiber to cable and traditional T1s, ROI can obtain bandwidth to meet any customer’s requirements.